Artist’s Statement

Emine Zander’s work is a collage of her love affair with nature, memory and exile and her loves and losses. It is the mystery of this work that draws us to her colors and mythic images. Whimsically she even weaves in her larger than life cats and plants. Her touch is tender yet colors are bold. At some point she may have been influenced by the Anatolian myths, Mediterranean archeology, Fauvism and German Expressionism, but now like all mature artists, Ms. Zander’s work stands on its own: bravely and without  apology. It is what it is – unique, bold, strong and a reflection of one woman’s journey in life as an artist.  

Everything within that life, the blue skies and the seas, beloved pets, hope for peace, sadness, tears of loss and laughter, memory of all there is and all that was, exile from homeland and from self – it is all there. It is up to the viewer to look and to observe the tender beauty and passionate expression of life. Abstraction in Zander’s work is delicate and thoughtful, and the technique is exquisite, colors, breathtaking. It invites us in a visual journey that is unique, exciting and new.

All that is Emine Zander’s is produced into her work as a collage of memories and being.  That is brave and exceptional.