About Emine

Emine Zander is an artist located in Jacksonville, Florida

A true child of the Mediterranean, Emine Zander was born in the ancient city of Iskenderun, Alexanderetta, named after the Alexander the Great. Since the blue waters of the  Mediterranean first embraced Emine, she continued traveling with her family, growing up living and visiting many cities and provinces of Turkey, literally like a modern day nomad crisscrossing this ancient land. She attended the Mimar Sinan University of Istanbul, a school named after the famous Turkish architect of 16th century and specifically dedicated to fine arts. There, she took courses in art history and perspective as part of the architectural program curriculum. As a private student, she also tutored with a number of artists. These studies included color theory and painting techniques. She was awarded  a bachelor of arts degree from the Mimar Sinan University, School of Architecture in 1978.

Emine was always mesmerized with the various colors and textures of all that was around her. She was deeply influenced by the world of the Mediterranean and Asia Minor throughout her childhood and adult years. She was fascinated by the dyed silk, handmade wool, exquisitely designed textiles, intricate motifs of beautifully glazed ceramics, intensely colorful rugs, brilliantly geometric kilims, the blue Iznik tiles of centuries old mosques, the mosaics of ancient byzantine churches, and the archeological remains of past Anatolian civilizations.

Post graduation, she took the opportunity to continue traveling and eventually living abroad for the last 35 years. A true citizen of the world, her travels around the globe included the US, Europe, Africa, Australia and and Oceania. Fluent in many languages, Emine Zander has a unique eye for the creative and respect for all life. In her many travels, she sailed more than 35,000 miles with her cats, dogs and her husband. Her trips across the seas brought her to Micronesia, Australia and the Pacific Rim, the Caribbean, South America, Canary Islands and Gibraltar across the Mediterranean to West Africa. She is an avid diver, sailor, a green thumb with passion for what is organic, a collector of arts and letters, and an excellent cook. As she traveled and discovered new lands, she developed a new visual and creative language, a collage of world civilizations, which can be seen in her work and reflected in her life. Emine Zander currently lives in Jacksonville, Florida with her husband and two cats.