About Emine

Artist and Painter Emine Zander, Jacksonville, FL

Emine Zander is an emerging visual artist based in Jacksonville, Florida. She is a painter and she faithfully reconstructs her memories of landscapes in nature from her travels, encompassing the reflections from her observations. Her primary media is acrylic. She creates small scale work on paper with gouache combined with oil pastels. The use of abstraction in Emine’s works of art is delicate, thoughtful, and color–rich, and seeks to inspire the spectator to go on a unique, exciting, and new visual journey.

Emine attended the Mimar Sinan University, specially dedicated to Fine Arts in Istanbul, Turkey. There she took courses in art history and drawing as a part of the architectural program curriculum. As a private student she was also tutored by a number of artists in Turkey and in Germany. These studies included color theory, perspective drawing, and painting techniques. She was awarded a Bachelor of Arts degree from the Mimar Sinan University, School of Architecture in 1978.

Emine was always mesmerized by colors and textures. Her fascination with art, architecture and history was encouraged by her parents. Throughout her childhood, she traveled with her parents and later with her husband like modern day nomads, crisscrossing new lands and learning new cultures along the way. Post graduation Emine took the opportunity to continue traveling, eventually working and living abroad for the last 35 years.

AAs an artist her visual and creative language seeks to express the eternal dynamics of colors and light and their collaboration in the discovery of the peace in life. Emine’s artwork has been shown in several group shows and juried exhibitions in esteemed locations such as the Art Center Galleries and Gallery 1037. Her artwork is in many private collections in Jacksonville, Los Angeles, Chicago, London, Berlin, Barcelona and Istanbul. She presently maintains a studio in CoRK Art District, Jacksonville, Florida.